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Insurance is often thought of as a necessary evil - it’s the term we hear whenever we have an auto accident, or when thinking about damage to our home. Despite its negative connotation, insurance is essential to your way of life. It’s a grim thought, but accidents of all kinds are a part of living. If you’re ever at fault in an accident, and don’t have the appropriate coverage, you can be sued for your net worth, which can affect your wages, home, retirement, college education for your kids, and interest rates for anything you buy.

However, the right coverage makes sure that you never have to worry about an accident to your home, car, or business. It is critical to understand that insurance doesn’t merely reduce risk. Rather, the right insurance eliminates risk.

About Us

Owner Brian Smeby:

Brian Smeby owned an Allstate agency for over five years prior to selling the business. His Allstate experience taught him the value of a small customer profile. The experience illuminated how many superior ways there are to help people protect their assets without overspending. That’s how the Insurance Headquarters Group was born - helping clients get the best coverage for the best rates with the highest rated companies. These companies have the same or better ratings than your Allstate, State Farm, USAA, and other big companies you didn’t ask to see in the middle of your favorite show. Finding the rates you need is a matter of careful investigation.

Your home is not just a place, but a process. You don’t just store furniture, you store memories. A garden grows in the backyard, and so does a family. Protect Your Life and Your Family with the Right Insurance Coverage.

At Insurance HQ, it is our mission to provide you with the best insurance coverage at the best prices that suit your life and family.

With Insurance HQ Group, Choose From Our List Of Options To Service Your Business & Commercial Needs.

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